120K Kettlebell Swings

365 Days and 120,000 Kettlebell Swings

A Year in Review   Just prior to January 1, 2021, I was searching for a new annual resolution and was subsequently challenged to complete 10,000 kettlebell swings in the first month of 2021. This piqued my interest as it was a SMART goal: specific, measurable, achievable (if I pushed myself), relevant (as in reasonable, realistic,…

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Don’t like the Game? Change the Playing Field.

Why would I live in a country that hates me?” asks Davia Antonia Samms, founder of Lifeaholic Costa Rica. Davia, a “Melanated person,” as she calls herself, said the PTSD of daily micro (and macro) aggressions from living as a person of color in the US was overbearing.   So she changed the playing field,…

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Everest Strong Coaching Food in Minutes of Life

A Life in 41,000,000 Minutes

41,000,000 minutes makes up the average lifespan in the United States. This sounds like a lot. With that many minutes you have plenty to spare, right? Breaking it down, there are 525,600 minutes in a year and 1440 in a day. Why do I mention this? Because in August 2021 a nutritional index was released…

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Everest Strong Coaching Mental Game Practice

10,000 Hours or 10,000 Kicks?

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee   Do you want to become unstoppable in your sport or craft?   There is a specific path to move from the place of novice to being an expert.…

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Everest Strong Coaching Eating Out

How to Eat Out and Stick to the Plan

When we are trying to get (or stay) healthy and lean, eating at home provides us the greatest flexibility and control. We can shop according to plan, keep an eye on the amount of salt, fat, and sugar we are using, and even have a better ability to manage portions.   But sometimes time constraints…

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Everest Strong Coaching Your Aging Brain

Your Aging Brain: Are You the Sharpest Tool in the Shed?

We all know that as we age our brains and bodies begin to slow a bit. (Read how, here.) But there are things we can do to maintain brain health and cognitive function.   5 Simple Tricks to Sharpen Your Brain as You Age   A Body in Motion… Neurological research has determined that movement…

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What’s Your Everest: The Practice of High Intensity Jiu Jitsu Competition

Financial investment wizard by day. Winning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor by night. Devin Dallaire shares how he sets and keeps goals, gets Monday morning ready after losing (or winning!) a weekend tournament. His coach, Mark Vives, National Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion, Founder of New Breed Training Center in Niles IL, and also Devin’s coach talks…

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Joseph Alleva

What’s Your Everest? The Mental and Physical Sides of Injury…Post-40

What’s Your Everest? The Mental and Physical Sides of Injury…Post-40 with Joseph Alleva, M.D. and Karla Steingraber, Psy.D. Joe is a physiatrist with North Shore University Health System, and also a competitive Jiu Jitsu athlete. Karla and Joe talk about the physical demands of intensive training post 50, as well as the mental side of…

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How Karla Helped John Improve his Hockey Game and Life

I play beer league hockey, A division. Not really a big deal. Played college hockey, but never was going to make it to the big leagues so the idea of using a mental game coach just so I  could stop a few more pucks never entered my radar. However, a friend of mine recommended Dr.…

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How Karla Helped Ashur Find the Zone in Competition

Karla helped me figure out how to find my comfort zone between where one can hyper focus and almost have too much anxiety before a competition and where one comes out too relaxed and flat. This way I’m just ready for anything and there is no hesitation in my fights. No hesitation in moments of…

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Karla Steingraber on Raising Achieving Children

How to Raise Achieving Children

Self-efficacy and self-actualization are terms that have begun popping up in self-help jargon of late. And today’s parents, much like their children, are often looking for shortcuts and quick tips on how to raise better, more accomplished, empathic and successful humans. We try to afford them every opportunity to become their best selves, whether it…

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Team Sports

Are You the Reason Your Child Lost Interest in Team Sports?

When we first imagine having children we are full of hope. We are going to procreate beautiful, empathic, successful, smart and athletic prodigies. We enroll them in soccer or ballet or karate, hoping that by providing them with exposure and opportunities:   they will find their talent and enjoy themselves; that it will bring out…

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Prim Siripipat Karla Steingraber

Prim Siripipat on What’s Your Everest with Dr. Karla Steingraber

Sports anchor and journalist Prim Siripipat and sports psychologist and mental game coach Dr. Karla Steingraber talk about the mindset behind “pre” and “post” athletic career transitions. From navigating how to return to “civilian” life after a career-ending injury (which Prim has researched and reported on extensively), to knowing when and how to support your…

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Fonseca Martial Arts and Everest Strong Coaching

Martial Arts for All Ages; Dr. Karla Steingraber with Fonseca Martial Arts

Martial arts is a wonderful activity for fun, fitness and competition, for all ages. Dr. Karla Steingraber, Psy.D. and an IMGCA Certified Mental Game Coach, sits down with John Fonseca, founder of Fonseca Martial Arts and Sensei Jaime Gamboa to talk about how to support youth growth in the martial arts and to encourage students,…

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Investing (in Yourself) 101

When we think about investing and investing in the future, stock options, IRAs, 401Ks and diversification strategies come to mind. But expert advice on how to build a bright future might look a little different. “By far the best investment you can make is in yourself,” said Warren Buffett in his 2019 interview with Yahoo…

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Do you Exercise? Or Are You and Exerciser? (Doing v Being)

Remember when lockdown happened and everything, including your gym, closed? Determined not to have a fitness set-back, you went to Walmart or Dicks and tried to buy weights or a bike and basically absolutely every piece of fitness equipment was sold out. Remember how you then went on e-bay and all the prices were through…

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Tips for confidence to hit the big weights

In Good Form

When you exercise, do you typically avoid the free weights and head straight for the treadmill, elliptical or stair climber? Are you worried that you would expose that you’re a novice and don’t know what you’re doing? In my practice, working with both adults and children who are looking to enhance their moods or get…

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Never Stop. Never Fool Yourself. Keep Moving.

“Don’t stop, don’t cheat yourself,” Jess Movold encourages her 75K Instagram Live audience as she leads them in jump squats, lunges, dead bugs and more. She is a force. Jess Movold, once a reluctant runner who avoided invitations from her father while her sister trotted along, eventually caught the speed training bug in junior high.…

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DIY Home Gym on a Budget

Illinois has entered a new phase and gyms have re-opened. While some can’t wait to have a reason to get out of the house, you may be hesitant to rush back to the sweat mill. With everyone breathing heavily and not quite always wiping equipment down, how clean are gyms anyway? And with the economy…

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What is HQ?

How to Improve Your HQ: The Happiness Quotient

You’ve heard of the hotly debated Intelligence Quotient (IQ). And perhaps you have even heard of the more recently developed concept of the Emotional Quotient (EQ), and how aspects of each, IQ and EQ, can essentially be used to predict various definitions of success in life. The former assesses whether you have a mixture of…

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Change, Commitment, Courage

  This present climate of sheltering-in-place has brought up a variety of concerns, expectations, emotions, and self-reflection.   Being a clinical psychologist, mother, and part of various interest groups, I have had the opportunity to hear the gamut of experiences. Some were excited for the “time off” from school and work. Some were happy to…

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Spring Into Self-Confidence

Given the many images and messages we receive, whether through advertising or social media, about the “perfect” life, it can be a challenge to feel confident about what we have, who we are, what we look like and what we are doing. This is even more difficult for children, whose self-image is ever-evolving and whose…

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When No to Screen Time Equals Scream Time

  I’m guessing you may have at some point experienced what I did. You introduced a fun luxury: TV, LeapFrog, iPad or video games to your children. And, in short order they were hooked. You had fantasized of family movie night followed by lovely conversation and loving children, happily putting their devices away to join…

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Ideas for Stay-at-Home Vacation

5 Ideas to Plan Summer Vacation (and Summer Learning) in 2020

Right now it’s hard to know what the world is going to look like going forward. We don’t know when things will “return to normal,” if that is even possible. So many people have lost income. Our children have lost out on a lot of education, despite best efforts by schools, teachers and parents. And…

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In Pursuit of Happiness

As a clinical psychologist I am often faced with a client whose goal is to “just be happy.” Similarly, as a mental game coach, aka sports psychologist, my clients come to me and many have lost confidence on the field or court and want to find it again.   It sounds simple, but the truth…

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Coping with Corona

Coping with Corona and other times you’re stranded on a desert island-4 tips to stay sane whether faced with isolation–or testing your love for loved ones.

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Is Mental Game Coaching Right for You?

You want every minute to count. You want concrete, immediate results. Who doesn’t, right? Wins are on the line.  That’s where Mental Game Coaching Can Help you Win Whether you are a professional athlete (or an entire team) getting ready for the next big game, a high school athlete looking to garner attention from recruiters…

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Community Education Parenting

When Can You Finally Stop Parenting?

Community Education Night with Dr. Karla Steingraber at Fusion Lake Forest on powering-through parenting when you’re ready to throw in the towel, and how to cut yourself some slack in the process.

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Karla Steingraber Workshop

Book Karla to Speak at your Next Event!

Self-Mastery as the Prescription for Success Self-Mastery. We think we know what it means but what is it really? What does it take to achieve it? Is it reserved for Olympians and Nobel Peace Prize winners or can anyone achieve this elusive goal? In this 90 minute, interactive presentation you will walk through several exercises…

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Do you have Glossophobia? 11 Tips to Overcome Public Speaking Pain

The 11 Principles of Every Great Presentation Do you seriously dislike giving presentations? Does standing in front of an audience cause you panic, feel nauseous and lightheaded? Do your knees shake and hands tremble? Well, you are not alone. A common phenomenon, it is estimated 75% of the population suffers from glossophobia, a fear of…

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Unsportsmanlike Behavior vs. Controlling Only the Controllable

“Trevor Bauer threw a baseball over the centerfield fence at Kauffman Stadium after surrendering the Indians’ lead to the Royals on Sunday,” read the headline on 7/29/19 in ESPN News. The apology and explanation that came later from Bauer referenced frustration with himself at his “inability to stop the situation and keep my team in…

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Mental Game Coaching

Improving Mental Health Improves Sport Performance

Anxiety, worry, nervousness, self-consciousness, whatever you want to call that feeling inside your chest and stomach, can contribute to significant distraction from living life, enjoying moments, getting your work done and pursuing your goals. At times anxiety can be so extreme it can cause nausea, lack of focus, intense symptoms that can interfere with a…

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Heart exercise

Relevance of Routine

Some people love routine, some people love spontaneity. While you might think this is just personal preference, routine happens to also be part of the recipe for success. When we consider great talent and high achieving individuals, there are certain things they all have in common. Great inventors like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Thomas…

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Best food after exercise

Don’t be a Fool, Refuel. Best Food Post Workout

The important of post-training intake. So much goes into attaining peak performance. One factor is fueling your body with all it needs to minimize stress and maximize results. Something light to eat 1.5 to 2 hours before a training session will fuel your muscles during your workout, but what you choose post-exercise is highly relevant…

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Heart exercise

Rest is a Meaningful Exercise

Muscle and heart development We here at Everest Strong Coaching came across a very interesting article by Russian sports scientist V.N. Seluyanov, entitled “Heart is Not a Machine.” Seluyanov has authored over 100 scientific papers.  In his most recent study, he discovered varying adaptation processes in the bodies of athletes.  In layman’s terms, Seluyanov discovered…

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