Sports Psychology to Harness the Zone

At the forefront of fitness and performance.

Think of an Olympic diver on the edge of the diving board; a golfer poised to make the winning shot; a professional athlete tuning out the cheers and jeers of the crowd. 

These are moments when athletic prowess and mental focus align for peak performance.

Mental Game Coaching teaches you to access the zone on command.

You want every minute to count. You want concrete, immediate results. Who doesn’t, right? Wins are on the line. 

Whether you are a professional athlete (or an entire team) getting ready for the next big game, a high school athlete looking to garner attention from recruiters and scouts or a competitor aiming to achieve your personal best, Mental Game Coaching with a licensed Sports Psychologist can give you the edge you need to succeed.

Mental Game Coaching

“We all have the potential to be our own worst enemy or our best ally.” —Erik Larssen

Together we’ll look at conquering any big detractors and attack the more nuanced things that interfere with performance. As a clinical psychologist and a competitive athlete I help you cut to the chase, set priorities, visualize and achieve your goals.

You’re strong. You’ve trained. You're skilled. Here’s how to go from great to extraordinary.

You are used to training. We’ll add another layer with specific techniques for centering, visualization and tools to cope with anxiety and build self-confidence. We will break down and reframe past events so you are empowered, confident and prepared for your next approach.

Mental Game Coaching is tailored to the individual. That’s why we start with a personal assessment. Maybe you are distracted or experience self-doubt. Or it’s the “p’s”…perfectionism, procrastination or performing under pressure. We’ll uncover whatever is stopping you and work with you to overcome these and other critical performance issues.

Go from great to extraordinary

How Mental Game Coaching Can Help with Youth Sports

Mom Ryan on how Mental Game Coaching helped her son Gavin.

Could mental game coaching be right for your child?


Ryan, mom of 10 year old Gavin says: “Our son loved playing sports. But he started having meltdowns when his team lost. After a particularly bad one, another parent came up and asked if we were getting him help.


Hear Ryan’s story of how Coach Karla helped her family (and she can help yours too!) with visualizations, exercises and other techniques to keep the fun and love of the game and lose the overwhelming negative reactions to grow and be a part of the team.

Jeffrey’s Story

Professional Accountant
Jiu Jitsu Competitor

“As an active competitive Jiu Jitsu player, I spend a lot of time preparing for competition through strength and conditioning and Jiu Jitsu training. The one area that I was not spending much time was on mental preparation.  

After a few sessions with Dr. Steingraber, I could already see improvement in my confidence and my approach to mental preparation.  I was able to step onto the mat at major Jiu Jitsu competitions feeling relaxed, focused and ready to win.   

I would highly recommend Dr. Steingraber to athletes looking to get an edge over their competition.”

Your investment in you.

How many sessions will you need? Optimal results are personal. People typically invest in 6 to 12 sessions, coming in weekly or bi-weekly, to work on a specific outcome or event and build a strategy. Anyone can learn to ride a bike. But if you want to compete in the Tour de France you need a long-term strategy.