Achieve Your Peak Performance

Dominate your vision of strength for your body with personal training.

What can a personal trainer help you do that you can’t do on your own? Well, you know what they say about good intentions.

Personal training drives results with expert know-how and accountability. We help athletes of all skill levels, from professional to weekender, push themselves to new heights. And when that expert know-how comes from Aiazbek, a NASM certified personal trainer and black belt in Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands.

Setting goals and celebrating milestones means you’ll keep your eyes on the prize, especially when you’re hitting a slump.

We’ll write down your goals — both big and small — and honor each milestone you hit so you can see the progress you’re making. You can forget the old “no pain no gain” attitude. Yes, you will gain strength. And you will definitely work hard. But we’re going to work with a guided system that’s tailored to you and starts right where you are today.

We custom-build plans for each person with a variety of goals such as:  

  • Sport-specific strength building. 
  • Improving your overall fitness level. 
  • Becoming more sculpted and bringing definition to your muscles.

Professional and semi-professional athletes will grow to the next level here. And if you are just getting started, basic strength training, squats, bench press, pull and push exercises, deadlifts…all of these can be mastered and adapted to be mastered by any person, at any age, and at any ability. 

And when you are ready to win medals, combine your personal training with mental game coaching for spectacular outcomes.

Let us help you master your power.

Make today the day you take charge and stop being a guest in your own body.

Strength is powerful. It’s a way of life. And once you feel that hum of the strength building inside you, seeing results week after week, it’s starts feeling magical. And the magic lives in the movement. 

We’ve worked across the spectrum of strength builders from athletes working to break past old limits to people working back to strength after an injury or other life setback.  

Even if you’re somewhere in the middle, maybe day-to-day life has gotten in the way of your fitness goals, the time to start is now. We’re not looking for fatigue or exhaustion. We’re about intelligent, focused training to build strength that you can see. 

Meet Miriam

“I began personal training in order to get back in shape after having two children and a demanding career that left me sedentary for long hours each day. I had spontaneously decided to run a 5K (it was the New Year after all). And realized I was far from being in shape. 

A physical showed me that my cholesterol and blood pressure were not ideal for a 45 year-old. I had chronic back pain, fatigue and a general lethargy in my life. At first I was nervous because I had worked with personal trainers in the past and taken all kinds of exercise classes. They usually left me sweaty and burned out. I had been exercised but they had burned up the last of my depleted energy resources.  And I never really saw results. 

After a short time of training with a personal trainer I feel like I found myself again. Not only did I quickly see my muscles gain some definition, I gained confidence and saw my strength improve.

My blood work is amazing now. My doctor is so proud that I did it all without meds. And best of all I found my ambition to take care of me again. All this while having great conversations and having the energy after each workout to tackle the rest of the day and week.

Make an investment in YOU.

Initial Fitness Assessment:

During your initial assessment, we’ll work together to identify the results you are seeking and set out an action plan to achieve them.

After your initial session we recommend a minimum of three sessions per week for optimal results.

Personal training: 

Work one-on-one

Each session is one hour.

Train with a friend! We offer partner training so you and a person of your choice can work out and see results on this journey together.