"Excellence is not an act but a habit."
— Aristotle

The 360° Blast will transform your body. But we’re not going to pretend that this intensive approach is for everyone.

This is only for people who are ready to take charge of their lives and stop being a guest in their own bodies.

Why is it called 360°?

Think of climbing to the peak of the mountain with the widest, broadest view. You take a moment to look around, and no matter where you turn you can see the vast beauty of the world that surrounds you. You close your eyes and breathe in the crisp mountain air and at that moment, you feel like you can achieve anything. 

You’re at the top of the world and the master of your domain. Sounds good doesn’t it? This program is a complete overhaul of your state of being that brings you real and lasting change.

What is the 360° Blast?

360° Blast is a complete immersion program created by licensed and certified professionals that serves as a kick-start for your new health and fitness lifestyle. It is a program that meets you where YOU are. It’s designed to give you a solid foundation so you can take control of your body and mind now and for years to come. And if you dream of getting that elusive first place medal or prize in a specific sport, the 360° Blast is the secret sauce that will help you blow away the competition.

Our holistic combination of mental game coaching (strong psychological state, with a clear head and clearly defined motivation), nutritional health and wellness, strength training and proper recovery is the key to long-term health and success. 

The program is 100% tailored to you, and can be designed to run 3, 6 or 9 months.

The 360° Blast includes:

  • Assessment* with Mental Game Coach
  • Assessment with Personal Trainer
  • Assessment with Fitness Nutritionist
  • Written personal prescription plan for success
  • Implementation of your prescription plan, which may include:
    • 1 to 2 Mental Game coaching sessions per week
    • 3 to 5 personal training sessions per week
    • 1 group coaching session per week
    • Bi-weekly fitness nutrition education and coaching
    • Post-program results assessment and “discharge” plan

We offer morning, evening and weekend hours for flexible scheduling.
Our tailored combination of personal training to build physical strength; mental coaching for a strong psychological state/motivation/clear head; nutritional health and wellness; and proper recovery is the key to your long-term, sustainable health and success.

360° BLAST

What keeps you on track to achieve your goals?

The 360° Blast succeeds where other programs don’t because it recognizes the relationship between your mind and body and the fuel you need to power both. Research shows that a holistic approach to health is the most effective way to achieve sustainable results.

Join the 360° Blast and push yourself to your summit of success!

Accept the challenge to conquer your Everest.

Make an investment in you.

The 360° Blast package is $8,000 for a 3 month plan (get a $1,000 rebate when you complete the program — that’s right, we’ll pay you back for choosing yourself fully. More details below).

We want to help you. And we know this approach works. That’s why we have two incentives to make your decision easier. 

25% Off for the first five registrants!

Be one of the first five participants to sign up and you will receive 25% off. This is our way to recognize your grit and determination. We want to honor those who are ready for the challenge now and know what they want.

$1,000 rebate when you compete the program!

This second incentive is about making a commitment and sticking to it. Everyone who completes the full 360° Blast will receive a $1,000 rebate on their original paid fees, in recognition and respect for the determination it took to complete the program. That, of course, is on top of the amazing results you’ll see in your own body from taking the challenge and sticking with it. 

Not ready to commit to 12 weeks? Ask us about “FITSTART,” a one-week intensive jumpstart to your health (Think military hell week—you’ll know change is afoot in your life). At the end of the week, you’ll know if you’re ready to fully dive in.

* Medical clearance required to participate. And that’s a good thing. We collaborate with physicians and other medical professionals in order to achieve maximum results.