Karla Steingraber came to speak to our sales team about identifying our Everest. We were taught to find the right purpose for what we do every day to improve overall mental health, creativity, and passion.  She provided several insightful activities that helped to bring perspective. She also coordinated several group activities that brought our team closer together with a stronger appreciation for each other. I would recommend this event for anyone trying to find their purpose or clarity on their why.”


– Jaime S., Medline

We had a full house, vendors, clients and our employees, for our annual kick off event. We were looking for something that was motivational, inspirational and offered relevant learning for everyone, but in particular our teams. We got it in spades. Dr. Karla’s presentation offered insight into creating a viable path towards both professional and personal growth, and she is funny! Which makes learning that much more interesting. Thank you again. We will definitely be asking you back next year.

– Danya G.


Signature Keynotes and Workshops

Getting to Everest through Self-Mastery

This individualized and interactive presentation is ideal for groups that are looking to build teams beyond the borders of the office boardroom. It uses survey responses to better understand the needs, goals and motivations of team members and works with them on starting (or continuing) the process of self-development outside of work. Participants will leave having a sense of what their metaphorical Everest is, where to find it, and how to begin taking concrete steps towards getting there through proven techniques. Ideal for groups of 20-50 but can be adapted to groups of all sizes.

What’s Your Everest

“What’s Your Everest” is an interactive and individualized team-building presentation. Participants will be engaged before and during the presentation, via surveys, physical activities, and interactive exercises. They will learn a variety of techniques to
  • Identify their “why”
  • Explore what  motivates them
  • Practice how to get in the zone on command
And they will leave feeling valued by their team. This presentation is great for groups that have lost cohesion and those that may be in need of renewed motivation. It can also be a great way to  kick off a new phase or year. Can be adapted to any size group.

When to Stop Parenting

“When to Stop Parenting” is perfect for parents and teachers who are faced with pre-adolescents and teens who are pushing limits and acting out. Dr. Steingraber demystifies some of the underlying issues and provides perspective for meaningful understanding. Parents and teachers participate in talking through familiar and challenging scenarios and will leave with a better comprehension of what a behavior is, what it means, where it’s coming from and how to approach it in new and creative ways in order to achieve new results. Ideal for groups of 30 or less.