What’s Your Everest?: How to Win in Sports, Career, and Life (While Enjoying the Ascent)

by Dr. Karla Steingraber

An Empowering Step-by-Step Manual to Success

What's Your Everest by Dr. Karla SteingraberWhen you realize you need your dream more than you need to breathe, What’s Your Everest will take you through the steps, ensuring you set the right goals and reach the peak. An empowering step-by-step manual to success, this book will be your sherpa, guiding you through slumps, developing more grit and improving your perseverance.

The Science and Psychology behind Success

More than a simple self-help or self-improvement book for amateurs, What’s Your Everest “effectively develops critical mental muscles necessary to gain an edge in the physical game of sports and life” (Eavon Solis). Meant for athletes, coaches, parents, and professionals who are desiring to reignite their drive and motivation towards achievement, wellness, and a new professional peak, What’s Your Everest? smoothly breaks down the path, “explaining the science and psychology behind it all” (Ryan Lipinski).

Be Everest Strong

Dr. Karla Steingraber’s years of practicing as a licensed clinical, sport, and performance psychologist with top achievers, athletes and professionals alike, clearly has informed her perspective. Pursuing higher levels of advancement, whether it be marathon running, picking up a new sport, or serving on boards for non-profits and at the state level, her diverse background has situated her well to empathize with the struggle to advance and accomplish more, while demonstrating there is never a reason to think we are done climbing. After all, she reasons, happiness is found in the journey uphill. This book will make you strong. Everest strong. See you at the top!

If you enjoyed Tommy Baker’s The 1% Rule, Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Work Week, or Sarah Knight’s Calm the F*ck Down, you will certainly enjoy and gain from What’s Your Everest: How to Win in Sports, Career, and Life…While Enjoying the Ascent.