Hear what our clients have to say about Everest Strong Coaching and how Mental Game Coaching with Dr. Karla Steingraber has improved their outcomes.


HockeyHow Karla Helped John Improve His Hockey Game and Life

I play beer league hockey, A division. Not really a big deal. Played college hockey, but never was going to make it to the big leagues so the idea of using a mental game coach just so I  could stop a few more pucks never entered my radar. However, a friend of mine recommended Dr. Steingraber. I’m glad I did it. Not only did it improve my attitude on the ice, but it also helped me improve my attitude at home. My wife noticed I don’t get bothered every time a puck hits the  twine and I don’t let the little stuff at home bother me as much. I got a lot out of our sessions and realized sports psychology isn’t just for the  pros, although I certainly feel a little more like one now.

—John G.

How Karla Helped Ashur Find the Zone in CompetitionHow Karla Helped Ashur Find the Zone in Competition

Karla helped me figure out how to find my comfort zone between where one can hyper focus and almost have too much anxiety before a competition and where one comes out too relaxed and flat. This way I’m just ready for anything and there is no hesitation in my fights. No hesitation in moments of opportunity will mean more finishes. I will be fighting next week and can’t wait to come out on fire.

— Ashur Darmo

How Karla Helped Ryan and Her Son Gavin

Corporate Training and Team BuildingCorporate Training and Team Building

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