“What’s Your Everest” features interviews with professional and amateur athletes and those that support them (families, media, coaches and more), as well as high-achieving individuals, about the mental game and mental health side of competitive sports and competition. What drives them? What interests them in broadening horizons and conquering another frontier? And how do they do it when the challenges of life get in the way?


For these accomplished athletes and sports leaders, we also ask “What’s Your Everest?”–that goal or metaphorical mountain on the horizon still to climb.


Guests have included Charles Grantham on the pressures on college athletes, Prim Siripipat on mental health in athletes after injury. Other guests have talked about training, setting your intention for competition–looking at both the physical demands on athletes as they age, and how to focus and get in the zone to compete, instantaneously and on demand.


Dr. Karla Steingraber shares tips and insights as everyone from professional athletes to media commentators, weekend warriors and more share their stories.


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