Fearless Public Speaking and More

Right now, take a second and ask yourself: What scares you? What’s holding you back from success? What seems like a mountain that’s too high to climb? 

What’s your Everest?

Your Everest is your big reach. And it’s not always a physical challenge, like literally climbing Mt. Everest.  Sometimes it’s having the inner confidence to exude executive presence. You just don’t see yourself as that executive. You need an inner boost of confidence to move the needle from good to extraordinary.

Coaching & Training For Public Speaking

Mental Game Coaching Shifts the Paradigm

Mental Game Coaching is not just for athletes. It’s the secret boost of professionals — CEOs, teachers, and entertainers alike — looking to improve their relationships and presence in the workplace (and to overcome that aforementioned anxiety about public speaking!).

Mental Game Coaching teaches you to access powerful focus on command. It’s the secret to entering the zone where your training and ability are buoyed by a single laser focus on your desired outcome.

Mental Game Coaching

Beyond sports applications, people turn to Mental Game Coaches for:

  • Fearless Public Speaking
  • Overcoming a Phobia
  • Super-Charged Sales Presentations
  • Theater or Live Performance
  • Leadership Strength
  • Executive Presence
  • And more
Beyond sports applications

Sami's Story


“I’m a performer both at my day job and on stage. Lately I had been dealing with a lot of performance anxiety after landing a big role. It starting actually impacting me at my full-time job too, not just on stage, which obviously was  a problem when I was struggling with pitching to clients. It was noticeable.

A friend of mine suggested I work with a performance coach and recommended Dr. Steingraber. I was a  little hesitant but also getting desperate as opening night approached.

It made a WORLD of difference. It  kind of saved my  career. I know it sounds dramatic, but then again I’m an actor! For what it’s worth, her techniques helped me calm, relax, become zen, release my anxiety and feel like I can live backstage without  replying on narcotics!”

Be a champion in your personal and professional life.

You know that thing about people fearing public speaking more than death? That is a thing documented in research. Mental Game Coaching will give you the tools you need to close that deal, crush that speech, be that person who exudes confidence and draws attention when they walk into the room.

“Game on” is not just about sports competition. It’s about facing your fears and tackling life, full-force ahead. 

Because why wait at the end of the line when you can be taking the lead?

Invest in you.

We’ll start with a full assessment where we’ll talk through the life you want to live and the mental roadblocks holding you back. From there, we’ll set actionable goals and measurable results.