Here Are Some Of The Hottest Vacation Spots In Colombia

Apart from being known for coffee production and cable cars, there are also many vacation spots in Colombia. You can visit Colombia several times and not visit a vacation spot twice. Vacation spots in Colombia range from beaches to parks and to even museums. It all depends on your interest. There are great cities, towns and villages that are wonderful vacation spots in Colombia too. Some of the hottest vacation spots in Colombia have been listed below.


This Colombian city is known for being among the colonial cities. It is at the southwestern part of the country. It is fondly called “Ciudad Blanca” which means White City. You know why? This is because most of the buildings in the city are chalk-white in color. It is one of the oldest cities in Colombia and in the world. It was founded in 1537.

What visitors enjoy most in this city is its friendly climate. Your visit to Popayan is not complete without witnessing Maundy Thursday procession and the nightlife in the city. The oldest church in the city was built in 1546 and it is known as The Iglesia de Ermita. If you need a location with a great ambience and tranquility, look no further than Popayan.

San Andres and Providencia

These are a couple of islands beside each other. Although they are accessible from Colombia, they are closer to Nicaragua than Colombia. Sand Andres is known to be the biggest island in Colombia. The features that attract visitors to San Andres are its pure white sand beaches and a lot of tall palm trees. For lovers of water activities, they can snorkel, dive, kayak or even paraglide. Some school buses are used to convey visitors around the island.

San Agustin

This is a little but powerful Colombian town. Its surrounding amazing landscapes are some of its distinguishing factors. It seems to be among the oldest towns in Colombia. Here is the best part, San Agustin has over 500 monoliths, petroglyphs and statues. It is a great archeological location. The age of the stone carvings is another amazing wonder. They are believed to be created sometime between 100 AD and 1200 AD. Some carvings are human figures, some are animal figures while some of them represent monsters.

Some information about some of the carvings are shrouded in mystery as there are no documentations or report that explains them. However, some visitors believe that the surrounding mystery makes them even more attractive. When next you come to Colombia, make sure you visit this archeological masterpiece.


When people visit Medellin, the two hottest activities on their mind is to ride the cable car and also visit Plaza Botero to see the works of the great sculptor. However, another great attraction in Medellin that you should consider is the Medellin Interactive Museum of Science. This museum stands out from other museums in terms of the facilities and exhibits it offers. It is one of the most maintained museums in Colombia.

The museum does not only promote Colombian Education, it also promotes better understanding of science and science-related activities towards the improvement of human lives. This does not mean that it is only for science students or people with science background. There are other non-science exhibits that will interest everyone.

One thing about Colombia is that every city is hot a vacation location and they all have their distinctive features.