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TMS only became an official treatment in the US  in 2008 because the science community was still passing it through multiple tests to ensure it is safe to use. The basics of TMS is that the brain is affected by the magnetic field created by two coils placed on the head. TMS is a development above previous treatment modules, such as electrical stimulations that were too painful and uncomfortable for the individual. 

What Does Anxiety Look Like?

You may already know what it feels like to be anxious and have an idea of how it shows up in different people and situations. You may find that you always wake up with a jittery feeling, and your mind is full of dread and worry when you do not have a reason that is causing these reactions.

There are a lot of different kinds of anxiety, including general anxiety when you are in a social setting or that your body gets sweaty and shaky when things are slightly out of line. Scientists think that anxiety happens when the amygdala is too active, and the prefrontal cortex cannot handle the number of signals it is getting when you feel fear or worry.

How Magnetic Fields Treat Anxiety And Depression

Randomized studies show that TMS therapy affects anxiety because it directly affects the parts that trigger a fight and flight behaviour. These studies show that millions of people get relief from TMS to address things they would not resolve with available therapy and medicine.

Generally, TMS treats anxiety by stimulating the brain part responsible for the flight or fight responses. Several studies on different individuals show that the circuits affect the base of the brain, which contains the amygdala, which releases hormones to alert us of possible danger and trigger a survival mechanism like running.

The fight and flight reactions happen subconsciously, and you are never really in control of how your brain or body responds.

Advances in TMS control allow a TMS therapist to administer treatments that affect the section of the brain that causes these reactions so that it is no longer overstimulated and you do not respond with the same extremities as you would in a harmful situation.

TMS therapy helps people who suffer from addiction because it redesigns how the brain processes your neurochemistry, and you become more able to respond in a more controlled manner.

Pros Of TMS Therapy in Newport Beach

  • It is a safe, non-invasive treatment therapy because you will not experience any side effects or risk developing life-long issues.
  • People who develop minor side effects will find relief in a couple of hours because the symptoms are as minor as scalp pain or fatigue.
  • You will not need anesthesia.
  • It is highly effective in calming the parts of the brain that cause anxiety.

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Tms Therapy Newport Beach