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How long will you allow your happiness to remain optional? You deserve to feel safe, valued, and accepted regardless of whatever you've been through or done in the past.

Life can be overwhelming, and chances are you could be at risk of issues like anxiety, depression, and sadness, due to life's care such as loss, neglect, abuse, domestic violence, trauma, depression, and many more.

Are you experiencing a tough time, or do you have someone who does? All you've got to do is to engage yourself in therapy with the Women's Therapy Institute near Mountain View.

Going for therapy and coaching in Mountain View would allow you to learn ways that'd enhance you better and help you get the happiness you really and truly deserve.

At women's Therapy Institute, we are a team of therapists in Mountain View with varied backgrounds who believe that finding a greater sense of happiness and peace when handled alone wouldn't be as accelerated as it should (if it would at all). Hence, with our support, encouragement, resources, and tools, we'll help you get past your outdated coping strategies, focus on your strengths as we both engage in your healing process and accelerate your growth process.

We are your go-to therapist for a sympathetic, compassionate, helpful, and solution-driven therapy session. We make things easy for you, breaking down complex issues into crumbs and providing tested strategies to ensure that you get back on your feet again.

Our focus is on you. We hear you, your story, and your past medications, then we offer you education about your issues, and we help you learn new and healthy ways of thinking, living, feeling, acting, and behaving.

Our therapy services

  • Adult therapy

If you have been feeling anxious and depressed lately as an adult, we've got you covered. We specialize in providing professional adult therapy counseling. Our adult therapy counseling includes, but it's not limited to depression, counseling, worry/anxiety, relationship conflicts, amidst others. We go to the root of your issue and offer personalized services tailored to your unique situation.

  • Teen therapy

We have therapists with professional experience in teen therapy. We help your teen child with their issues without judging them. We desire to see your teen child do well in all areas of life. Thus, our teen therapy specialists use tested and result-proven approaches to ensure that your teen child gets the best therapy session and helps them live a happy life.

  • Group therapy

We offer transformative group therapy to pull our clients out of isolation to help them build their self-esteem, relate with people of like minds, and develop healthy coping strategies amidst others.

  • Sliding scale therapy

We launched this service to bridge the gap between the significant budget cutbacks on mental health services and their effect on people seeking the services.

Our services span beyond just therapy. We also offer resiliency training for military service members as well as leadership coaching. We also offer affordable online counseling services where our video therapist in Mountain View attends to you as scheduled.

Do you want to go for therapy near Mountain View? Contact Women's Therapy Institute to speak with a therapist: 650-272-0388.

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Therapy Near Mountain View

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