Essentials For An Outdoor Adventure In Colombia

Colombia is one of the last pristine wilderness regions left on the planet. Kayaking the rivers in Colombia offers you the chance to see nature up close and personal. An outdoor adventure in Colombia can be the trip of a lifetime.

You need to do careful planning to make this a perfect trip. The following are the things that you have to have. This is only one part of your trip but if you play it right it can be the best part.

Must have

Variety of accommodations

Your trip manager has to provide accommodations that fit you. This can mean a hotel with all the luxuries, a hostel, a cabin near your river of choice, camping, or a very unique home made just for kayakers. The idea is to fit the place to your desires.

Age and health appropriate

You should expect reasonable accommodation for age. You have to understand that this is a strenuous and somewhat dangerous venture into the wild. Your tour company for an outdoor adventure in Colombia may want your business but they should prefer to keep you from any harm.


You should expect the best in local cuisine while you are preparing for your outdoor adventure in Colombia and after. You need the best energy foods and drinks to keep you going during the ride. An understanding of any dietary conditions is a must.

Variety of length

Trips should vary to fit your time schedule and level of physical endurance. The length of the kayak trip should vary between a single day trip and a week long trip.


You have to have guides who know the country and the waters. The waters change with the seasons. Animal life moves with the seasons and shows more aggression in some times of the year. Your guide has to know all of this. You have to be certain of your guide’s knowledge before you trust them with your life.


The company should provide training for any skill level of kayaking. Training should be provided by certified instructors. The training should be tailored to children as well as adults.

Alone or group

Your outdoor adventure in Colombia should allow you the option of going it alone or going with a group. Going it alone should demand a high level of proficiency and experience. Groups should be small enough to afford each person the time to experience what they want to do and see the most.


The tour company should make planning easy for you. The schedule of trips should be posted on their web site at least six months to a year in advance. You have to make allowances for weather and natural disturbances. The rescheduling process should be simple and easy.


You want something special to remember your trip with. This cannot be a generic item. You want something that names the place you were at so you can impress your friends.

Nice to have

The better companies offer programs for professionals.

River Rescue Courses and Rope Rescue

Rescue is a necessity in swift moving water. Even the best boaters need training and certification to practice this lifesaving skill. Rope rescue is a specialized rescue skill that requires extra training.

Guide School

Being a river guide in Colombia or anywhere is a challenge. The profession is unique and requires a special skill set and training. The best adventure programs provide guide training.


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