Our facility caters to adults who struggle with addictions from prescription drugs, heroin, fentanyl, and other opioids by providing outpatient treatment services. We follow a personalized addiction treatment plan that includes medication and counseling. This treatment model has proven highly effective in patients’ long-term recovery goals. A couple of years ago, co-occurring addiction treatment centers were restricted to providing methadone for medication-assisted treatment. Years later, additional medications have been approved and added to the MAT programs. According to a patient’s treatment needs at our facility, they will receive medications to ease withdrawal triggers and aid in long-term recovery.

For patients with Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders, the initial stages will involve evaluating the extent of damage and creating an individualized plan that will suit their recovery needs. Once this is done, one of our healthcare professionals will attend to you to determine if methadone will be effective or if they need to prescribe any other medication. We will continue to monitor your recovery process as we regulate the dosages to what is ideal for you.

We believe that methadone and medication play an essential role in a patient’s recovery medication alone cannot address the social, economic, and emotional aspects of addiction and recovery. We also incorporate individual and group counseling to offer support. For patients with mental health and substance use challenges, we believe that counseling encourages information sharing and can share their feelings and insights as they interact with professionals. These skills play an essential role because it ensures that recovering addicts can deal with relapse triggers and develop skills for resilience. We understand that addiction may affect all areas of your life, which is why we offer other support services to help achieve long-term success.

Medication-assisted programs at our Newport Beach recovery center work perfectly with counseling, and it has proven to be a success for patients struggling with opioid addictions as it helps them start participating in routine activities. Counseling helps the patients to make lifestyle changes as they discover a sober future. Dual diagnosis addiction treatment offers both prescription medication and counseling ideal for patients suffering from opioid addiction and hands them the necessary tools for sustained recovery. Adjusting treatment at our facility will depend on your progress and evolution through treatment as we engage you in MAT and evidence-based counseling.

Administering medications such as buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone can effectively address opioid treatment. Still, long-term recovery comes from understanding why the addict started using opioids in the first place. We offer our patients a solid pathway to long-term recovery and the tools to live a sober lifestyle. As we provide Co-occurring disorder treatment, we are passionate about sharing information on opioid use disorder and MAT with the community around us. We strive to offer the most up-to-date, evidence-based content on treatment, recovery, and strengthening community collaborations. As a comprehensive treatment center, we offer personalized care that will help address your strengths and challenges to realize the best outcome possible. At our center, we strive to ensure that we find the most affordable plan to make a patient stable and not suffer adverse effects.

Please contact Northbound at 866-311-0003 or email [email protected] to learn more about our facility.

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