Eating Disorder Treatment Orange County

The US and UK host an Eating Disorder Awareness week every year. The theme of these events is to increase awareness of eating disorders and break the barriers across people of factors such as the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social class
  • Body size
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Type of eating disorders

Most people who develop an eating disorder get the trigger in their upbringing. Typically, they will fit the stereotype of a middle-class background candidate who grew up in a family with apparent body consciousness. Some people know that they idolized the talented and beautiful people in their family or circle of influence to develop a strict dieting behavior. Some of us nurtured our eating disorders after all the praise of our weight loss or admirable weight gain. The result is we end up with obsessions that harm our bodies but appease our idols and peers.

What to expect from our eating disorder treatments

The Orange County eating disorder treatment depends on the candidate’s persona and symptoms. We address all the different health conditions and determine whether they are life-threatening before considering you a viable candidate for our program – Some people need inpatient hospitalization to remediate severe eating disorders. OC Teen Center has an organized management strategy that maintains and improves overall wellness.

What to expect from the eating disorder treatment in Orange County

The team of professionals

Costa Mesa eating disorders are more than an eating problem because they stem from an imbalance of the mental and emotional. Therefore, the entire team of eating disorder doctors in Costa Mesa will include the following professionals:

  • A mental health expert
  • A registered dietician
  • Medical specialists
  • The supporting network of the candidate, such as the parents or family members

Setting up the treatment plan

The eating disorders treatment centers in Orange County CA determines your goals and needs to set up the most helpful treatment guideline. Our job is to clarify your exact mental and physical complications while identifying resources and treatment options with the most effective positive effects.

Types of eating disorder treatment

Psychological therapy

The therapy is most instrumental for eating disorders because it allows one to explore the deepest triggers of their condition. In addition, psychological therapy helps to normalize one’s eating patterns, develop problem-solving skills, and improve one’s attitude towards their health and body perception. The specific psychological treatments will include the following:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Group behavioral therapy
  • Family-based therapy

The eating disorder therapist in Orange County will only require that you do your homework in reviewing the therapy sessions and identify triggers that lead you to unhealthy eating patterns. Then, we will use the data to create a workable plan for healthy body weight, prevent binging or dieting and establish regular eating patterns that elevate your nutrition.

The eating disorder treatment in Orange County focuses on improving the condition by working on the root causes in your feelings and thoughts. We examine the core values of the teen and align our approach to a reachable goal. Are you ready to learn more about the exact process to reduce the risk of relapse and ensure the best physical and mental health? Then, get in touch at 800-478-0233 to get your teen the help he/she needs before it’s too late.

Eating Disorder Treatment Orange County

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