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Child Psychologist Spruce Grove

Taking the first steps towards finding child or adolescent therapists in Spruce Grove AB to help your child can be extremely difficult. Parents often consider many factors such as the right service for their children, the psychologist’s expertise, and how the child will relate to the psychologist. At Family Life, we focus on helping children overcome mental and psychological challenges by providing reliable child psychology services. Parents trust us because of many reasons.

Expert Services

Family Life works exclusively with children, including preschoolers and teenagers. We are child and adolescent experts with many years of experience in child psychology. We aim to help children overcome personal and psychological challenges and achieve their full potential.

We are experts in learning, education, and child development. Our Spruce Grove child psychologist is a highly trained individual with postgraduate training and child psychology experience. We aim to help children overcome their challenges and make the best out of their stay in school.

Experienced Professionals

Family Life consists of experienced professionals with many years of experience in childhood mental health, development, and learning. Our Spruce Grove counseling service handles a wide range of childhood psychological issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, anger management, bullying, and difficult behavior. We also provide child psychology services for dyslexia and other learning problems.

Spruce Grove therapists for children can help a loved one acquire study skills and strategies to improve learning and study effectively. We also train children in critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.


At Family Life, we value privacy and confidentiality. We want to be the source of help for parents and children facing psychological challenges. It is often difficult for children to see their school counselor or psychologist without their friends or teachers noticing. This is a significant concern for parents whose children are dealing with challenges that could be sensitive.

For most parents, the privacy of our Spruce Grove psychologists for kids is one of the main reasons why they trust us. Our service is private and confidential, which means that we offer impartial and independent counseling. In addition, we can discreetly communicate with your child’s school administration with your consent. The main difference between us and other child psychology services is we give parents and children full control of the information we provide.

Friendly and Approachable

As a parent, you want a child psychology service that relates well with your child. Family Life has friendly and approachable staff with excellent knowledge of childhood and adolescent health and social challenges. We make it easy for parents to find the help their children need. When you contact us for child psychology services, we will book an initial consultation to discuss your needs. The initial consultation is for meeting and discussing your issues in detail to ensure you get the right service for your child.

The initial consultation also enables you to get the information you need to decide whether you want to commit to further services. Parents find our child psychologists understanding without being judgmental, engaging, genuine, positive, friendly, and professional.

We can teach your child valuable life skills such as coping with adversity, building resilience, managing stress and anxiety, and learning more effectively. Please contact Family Life to book a counseling session.

Child Psychologist Spruce Grove